TRI-Wave Plus by EME Radiofrequency



Radiofrequency is the non-invasive aesthetic method par excellence for fighting cutaneous hypotonia, able to produce visible, lasting results without the possible complications or recovery times of surgery.

The TRI-Wave Plus EME Radiofrequency works with three different frequencies, that can be selected according to different aesthetic imperfections, different target tissues and depth of action. The waves propagated by RF penetrate the dermis, releasing heat to the surrounding tissue. This promotes a number of important beneficial actions on the treated areas, including the contraction of collagen fibers and stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize a larger amount of it. As result you will have a more compact and toned skin texture, as well as a renewed and improved microcirculation.


Guaranteed results

TRI-Wave Plus was created to fight the imperfections of face and body. It gives tone to the face, redefining the contours and volumes, thus favoring the process of rejuvenation. It treats localized adiposity, cellulite, tissue laxity and water retention, thanks to the action of stimulation of the microcirculation, greater oxygen supply and increased cellular metabolism.


Technical features

Material Polyurethane

Display Touch screen 10.1’’

Dimensions 410 mm x 395 mm 

Frequency: 445kHz - 900kHz - 1200KHz Monopolar (capacitive-resistive) resistive bipolar

Eme Estetica
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Radiofrequency RF (machine)

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