Clean&Steam by Labor PRO for cleaning hairbrushes at salons



Labor Pro presents Clean&Steam the new 2in1 automatic cleaning system that cleans and sanitizes professional brushes and combs in record time.

Clean&Steam is the ideal device to facilitate the professional’s daily work in salons: compact, comfortable, and easy to use, it features two separate zones that can be used simultaneously for maximum versatility.

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Cleaning chamber in the lower area:

  • the cleaning roller removes hair from the brush with a simple back and forth rotation.
  • Sanitization chamber in the upper area: the steam activation starts the sanitization of the brush inserted on the appropriate supports.
  • 1 to 3 minutes for clean and sanitized brushes, ready for the next customer.


Clean&Steam is characterized by a magnetic door, which easily allows roller change and chamber cleaning, and by a hair collection tray and a condensation tray that can be both easily removed and washed: a very practical to clean device.

Extremely silent and safe to use, it can be easily placed in salons.

Main features:

  • compact size: 26x16x34 cm
  • tank to be filled with distilled water
  • 1 spare roller supplied
  • energy saving mode
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