ViBed massage and relax bed with Harmonic Sound


Massage and Relax bed ViBed 4 Massage

Vibed is a massage and relax bed that brings you to a new dimension by transmitting on human body the harmonic sound waves produced by music. 

The Massage bed is upholstered in Luxury Eco leather, has a Memory Foam mattress with micro minerals that spread the benefits of vibrations on the body. 

Entirely hand-made in wood, like a real musical instrument, without the use of any spike or screw, the vibrations produce a massage, a deep resonance through the body, restore physical and mental wellness and harmony, transmit energy to all the fluids and tissues of the body, such as internal organs, muscles, tendons but also bones, blood and body fat.

The 5 codified vibration frequencies are: Balance, Breathe, Ease, Lighten, Escape. They have different effects on our body and help relieve mental and physical upsets. Through the App on your mobile you can select the area ( Balance, Breathe, etc.) on which you want to receive the benefits, choose the music and the intensity of the vibration, the heat of the bed and the chromotherapy

The Vibroenergetic massage enhance the manual skills of the operator giving an unforgettable experience to the customer.


Dimensions cm. 70X180X73

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