ECHOS by EME Estetica ElectroCeutical HOlistic System Cod EI1801


Advanced electroceutical in harmony with the body

ECHOS “ElectroCeutical HOlistic System” represents a real revolution in the treatment of cellulite blemishes, excess liquids and localized fat.

The special impulses generated by Echos and Echos Desk are able to dialogue with the suffering cells of the body and provide the necessary energy for their functional recovery.

The evident improvement at microcirculatory level leads to a greater quantity of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, making it easier at the same time to remove toxins and waste substances. The action exerted on the lymphatic capillaries and on the general lymphatic system, also allows the draining of extra-cellular fluids and edema reduction giving the silhouette a lighter appearance.

ECHOS is a device for aesthetic use.

Deep drainage
The special impulses generated by ECHOS allow to stimulate the microcirculation like no other device is able to do. This determines greater ionic and enzymatic chemical exchanges between the cells and the consequent drainage of excess interstitial liquids.

The modulated electric impulses generated by ECHOS are able to dialogue with the cells of our body, stimulating them to resume their original functioning, slowed down by the passing of time. This results in a greater production of collagen and elastin, making the texture of the tissues more toned, compact and elastic.

Brochure (BROCHURE-ECHOS-ITA-ENG_.pdf, 3,175 Kb) [Download download pdf]

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