Manicure workstation complete with aspirator, cushion, two Easy Confort chairs and professional cutter cod. REV0070

€ 1.940,00
(€ 2.366,80 inc tax)

Complete manicure station with excellent value for money.

This modular system is versatile, complete and allows you to create the workstation that best suits your needs (one or more modules), creating a functional environment with a winning design.



Manicure table with shaped top made of glossy white melamine, a chest of drawers with three drawers, wheels with brake and two chromed legs.

Two chairs (operator + customer) with seat in white polyurethane base with chromed steel wheels, variable height with gas adjustment.

A hand-cushion made of white Skai.

A powerful 40watt vacuum cleaner equipped with interchangeable bags.


A professional Nails T-Max Micromotor (cutter) of 40,000 rpm with universal tips supplied.

Powerful and silent motor, balanced anti-vibration handpiece, foot control via pedal and possibility to reverse the direction of rotation of the cutter.

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