€ 989,00
(€ 1.206,58 inc tax)

The heating wraps have been realised to permit of aimed treatments. It is an ideal product for thighs and abdomen care, thanks to the sauna effect this product acts against cellulite and fat accumulation, favouring the absorption of cosmetic actives principles.

Each wrap is equipped with electronic device TController*:
adjustable temperature level – timer from 10 to 60 minutes and manual programme (4 hours) – alarm bell.

The kit consists of: TECHNICAL DATA

1 Abdomen wrap 150x50 cm 230V~ 50Hz 100W
1 Left thigh wrap 90x40 cm 230V~ 50Hz 80W
1 Right thigh wrap 90x40 cm 230V~ 50Hz 80W

inside  100%  polyester
outside 100%  vinyl or polyurethane
*Main features and functions:
- Working led.
- Temperature level programming (max 65° C.).
- Temperature shown in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F) degrees.
- Timing treatment programming (max 60 minutes).
- It shows temperature and programmed treatment timing.
- Alert buzzer of start and end treatment.
- It shows working hours stored.
- It shows buzzer and alerts in case of bad working.
- It shows the thermoblanket temperature reached.