Vega QS by EME Estetica is a innovative Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser ideal for Tattoo removal EI1803


Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser

Vega QS system has been developed to best meet the needs of specialists and patients. In fact, Vega QS responds to the growing demand for the treatment of the most common skin imperfections, such as skin aging and pigmented lesions, acne treatment, tattoo removal and vascular lesions.

Vega QS works with 2 wavelengths, Soma fast delivery no doctors 1064 nm and 532 nm, generating an extremely powerful pulse with very short emission times. The precision and consistency of the laser beam allows for very effective treatments in absolute safety.

Vega QS is equipped with a demineralised water cooling system which is, as of today, the most effective cooling system to guarantee equipment performance over time.

Vega QS is certified CE 0476 for medical use.

Tattoo removal

rimozione tatuaggi

Without any doubts, the Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064 nm/532 nm laser is the leading technology for tattoo removal. The mechanical effect of the laser fragments the ink in smaller components, which allows your immune system to process them naturally. With the 2 wavelengths a wide range of tattoos can be treated. The 1064 nm is most effective for the removal of dark inks such as black, dark blue and brown, while the 532 nm is effective for red, orange and purple tones.

Treatment not covered by medical CE mark.


Gold standard probe

Thanks to the absence of the orthostatic arm, the laser beam is delivered in a more effective way and with no dispersion, reducing maintenance costs.

It is supplied with 3 interchangeable tips 1,5 mm • 2 mm • 3 mm to guarantee 3 different spots.

The tips have been specifically designed to indicate the exact dispensing point and ensure, at the same time, the highest degree of visibility to the operator.

Brochure (Brochure-Vega-QS-eme-estetica.pdf, 525 Kb) [Download download pdf]

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