Hair removal wax - Honey and Azulene

Hair removal wax - Honey and Azulene

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Minimum quantity for "Hair removal wax - Honey and Azulene" is 24.


For normal to sensitive skin 

Perfect for every season, the presence of Azulene helps to stimulate the regeneration of tissues.

Professional depilatory wax lipo-soluble, made from natural pine resin refined through an esterification process.
It can be warmed up in bain-marie or with a professional wax heater; the melting process happens at low temperature, avoiding the risk of burns.

The fluid consistency of the wax allows it to go on smoothly for perfect, effective and durable hair removal, resulting in smooth and soft skin for at least 3 weeks. Particularly suitable for epilation of sensitive areas and for domestic use (do it yourself).

Made in Italy

Ingredients and production 100% italian.

Packaging: 24 x Tub 400 ml

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